Ministers’ Wives Event

Wow! Last weekend was just great. Jennifer and I had the privilege of leading at Between Us for ministers’ wives before the Living Proof Live for Wives and it was all fantastic. At the preconference we met wives from all over the country and got to talk about very specific, real life issues that we all face. It was awesome to be able to encourage women that they are not alone.

We also had a great time doing a panel discussion withe the other leaders and hopefully everyone enjoyed some laughs and lighthearted fun.

Then on Friday we started the LPL with Beth Moore. Suffice it to say that girlfriend was wound up! It was absolutely awesome and right on target. Travis and the praise team did a fabulous job with leading worship and then Beth brought some powerful teaching to us. I know that I was refreshed, encouraged and challenged—what more could you ask for.

Here is a link to read a couple of articles that mention the wives’ events,1701,M%253D200768,00.html

You can also check out some pics on Travis’ blog just google travis cottrell

PS–if you were there also then comment and tell us what you loved best or how God spoke to you….


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  1. soooo sorry..this comment got held up somewhere and i just saw it tonight..why dont you email me at so we can talk privately:) please forgive me for not responding sooner

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