Wives around the Country

I have recently heard of several groups of wives in different areas who are getting together to do IN OUR SHOES and/or other types of support and encouragement. If you have organized or attended any great events or groups for ministry wives that you were blessed from would you let us know what y’all did and how it worked, like when you met, how long etc.

There are so many who would be willing to lead out in doing things that bring wives together and hearing from you may be just the motivation and inspiration someone else needs!

Thanks and I look forward to hearing your ideas…..


3 responses to “Wives around the Country

  1. We are beginning several study groups of “In Our Shoes” in a couple of weeks in our area! We are offering different days of the week and times of day to help accommodate schedules. Looking forward to it!

  2. The group Judy mentioned is the Sharing Our Journey group in the Dothan, AL area. Right now (March 2010), we are offering 3 different studies! We welcome any who are interested. You can contact us for more information at sharingourjourney@gmail.com

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