Warning!! DANGER!

If you have ever been driving along and seen a caution sign like these you know how helpful they are, especially if you have a sort of lead foot like me, there is no way to gauge how many people avoid wrecks and injuries because they were warned ahead of time that the road curved or was slippery or there was a drop off. I was just thinking this morning that wouldn’t it be great if we had some warning signs like these in our spiritual lives?

I think that those of us who serve in ministry could really make good use of them and probably one of the most necessary ones wold be CAUTION: Potential to get stuck in a rut! Matthew West has a song out right now called “The Motions” and if you haven’t heard it then get on itunes and take a listen. It completely pierces my heart when i hear it because I am challenged to not just go through the motions any longer. It gets very easy sometimes for me to serve God and do the things i need to without really being passionate about it.

What about you? Does that ever happen to you? Another line that I like from the lyrics is “I don’t want to live one more day without your all consuming passion inside of me” …it’s powerful stuff. Check it out. We can live our lives with no regrets that we held back or just did the routine because it was easy or familiar..I’m after the passionate living kind of life…will you join me???


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