A New Experience

Well yesterday I got to experience something new. And of course, it was absolutely crazy. Jen and I were scheduled to do a blog talk interview with Marnie Swedberg at 3. I drove down to pick Jennifer up so we could be together because we needed to call in from our cell phones. So now you are wondering why we needed to be together if we could both call in separately?? that’s simple its because I am extremely awkward on the phone. I have such issues with talking at the same time as the other person and I could just envision how awful that would sound…

So I stopped at the place where Jen was working with a friend from Navpress and while I was waiting for her to come out, a man got into his car right in front of me and backed straight into my little car!!! At this point we were about 8 minutes from needing to call in and so i got his info quickly, while feeling like throwing up, and we took off to find a quiet place to call in. After a couple of stops, we found a quiet parking lot and settled in to do the interview.

No sooner had we both gotten connected than we realized that we could not both be that close together while talking on cell phones because we could hear each other in the car and then thru the phones and it was really strange. The best idea I could find was to get out and stand outside the car–did i mention that it was raining??? I stood under a tree and we communicated thru the windshield of the car. It was absolutely hilarious. I kept wondering what the people who drove by were thinking about us and every so often a huge truck would come by and change gears or something that made lots of noise.

Marnie was so great and the time just flew by but I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera during a commercial break so we could remember just how crazy that whole thing was. Just reminded me that there are distractions always around us and we sometimes have to be flexible in order to make it!!!!

here is a link if you would like to check out the interview its found at marnie & friends


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