Women’s Leadership Forum

Wow. We have had a fantastic few days at the forum in Nashville, along with womens leaders from all over the country (about 600+). It has truly been a great few days and one of my favorite times of the year because I love working with leaders in ministry and also hearing from some great speakers.

This year Priscilla Shirer seriously brought the heat with a great message about the supernatural power that is available to us…it was awesome. Then yesterday afternoon Mary Kassian spoke one of the most powerful messages I have heard on biblical womanhood…I am still processing all the info! Then today my pastor, David, brought a very specific and practical message of encouragement to us and those were only in the main sessions, there were also lots of breakout sessions that dealt with tons of other issues…

I also got to meet so many women who are leading in ministry at their churches. We have so much to share and learn from each other–that just makes these times so special. SO thank you to all the ladies who we met and talked with (those of you in the min wives session:) and all the others, we never stop giving thanks for you!!!!


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