Hello 2010!

So it’s another new year. I love new calendar pages (I do still have paper calendar but I have to go to my ical to match it up) there’s just something about having a hard copy of your schedule to carry around with you. There is also something so fun and exciting about realizing that with the new year comes the opportunity to do new things that God ordains. One of the biggest goals I set for this year is to be even more careful about asking God to fill my calendar pages with what HE wants and not just with stuff that seems like a good idea to me.

Do you ever struggle with having lots of ‘good’ things in your life that seem to edge out the ‘God’ things? When we serve in ministry there just aren’t that many ‘bad’ things to steal our time, but it is quite a temptation to let lost of ‘good’ things eat away our days to the point that we neglect the best things that God wants for us.

Along those lines I have also made a personal commitment to focus in on Scripture memory this year. I found my favorite tool–a spiral bound set of index cards–and am carrying it with me as i go thru my day so that His Word is a constant part of my life (and when I get stuck waiting on someone I can be doing something productive!) My first verse for the year is Habakkuk 1:5 which is a theme our student ministry is taking and I just love the message that God is doing unbelievable things in my life this year:)

Let’s pray and watch to see what and where He is working then get in on it–nothing is more exciting than that!!!!



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