Snow Days (daze)

Well Nashville got a huge (for us anyway) winter storm this past friday and we have been in the house pretty much since then. With lots of snow and ice added to the fact that we got rid of all our SUVs and now drive smaller, low to the ground cars— we have not felt good about getting out on the roads. We didn’t have church yesterday and I just hate missing my Sundays but better to err on the side of caution and the schools were out today and tomorrow too.

The thing is that when your whole family gets to spend lost of concentrated time together it gets interesting. Some are stir crazy and just want to get out and do SOMETHING while others are just happy to have nothing they have to do. I had been at imom last wednesday at church and our speaker talked about organizing and decluttering your home so I kept feeling antsy about getting things cleaned out.

Funny thing about that is I started with the junk drawer in the kitchen and I was absolutely floored with the crazy things I found in there. This of course led to some spiritual thoughts for me. I found myself praying and asking God to show me what all I have been hanging onto in my life that is just “cluttering up”. What do I need to get cleaned out? I found old single shoelaces, random empty containers, broken pens and various things that really belonged somewhere else but had just been stuck in the kitchen drawer. None of those things were ginormous but when piled together they kept me from easily accessing the items I most needed.

hmmm…now that sounds like my life. Sometimes I let things clutter my mind and life to the point that I can’t easily access what I need to spiritually. Maybe you have noticed the same thing. If so, I heartily recommend a good spring cleaning! Ask God to blow a fresh breath of His Spirit in to your life and clean out those things that are in the way of all that He wants to do in and through you. It will be worth it.

Every so often I go by and open that drawer just to revel in the organization I can see—now for the rest of this house


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