Good Conversations

I had a chat with another ministry wife the other day and it reminded me once again of how much we need each other. Although all our friends are great for fellowship and support, there is just nothing like talking with someone else who walks in our shoes:) (notice the tie to the Bible Study) but the truth is that sometimes that is just what we need.

We got word that the study has gone to its second printing and that means lots of people are getting into the Word and seeing how it specifically applies to our lives as ministry wives. There are many wives who are alone int he journey right now though and don’t have others on staff to discuss the study with sooooooooo if you are interested in getting a group together or you have a group that is meeting and could make room for another wife, would you post a comment and let others know how to get in tough with you??? It would be good to put your contact info and also the area you are in. Thanks so much for being a part of this ministry and may God richly bless you on this journey!



One response to “Good Conversations

  1. I am in the Greensboro, NC area and would love for a group of ministry wives to get together on a regular basis.

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