Great Time in FL

Jen and I have gotten to lead at lots of different, awesome events for ministers wives both together and separately. This past weekend I got a new experience that was just great. It is such a privilege and honor to meet with wives in any size group, and we love each and every opportunity that comes our way. The most recent i was for a group of staff wives at the same church.

This was special for several reasons. One was that the senior pastor’s wife is a friend of mime from way back–Martha. It was beyond words cool to be able to meet with her and her group of wives. Another neat thing was that all the women were on the same staff so it took on even more significance as we talked through some of the issues and challenges that ministers’ wives face. I love that they are a stronger team today than they were before because of some things that God did.

With the numbers being less, we were able to sit around the circle and talk through some topics that God directed us to. I got to know each lady by name and they were able to connect on a deeper level with each other.

I know I will always love the larger groups but I will definitely be loving the smaller ones too thanks to the fantastic wives at Indian Rocks Baptist Church.
Thanks a bunch ladies!!!!


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