What I wish I’d known before I was a minister’s wife

I found this list I wrote several years ago after being in the ministry for about 12 years.  Thought I’d pass it along and see what you might add to it or take away from it.

1.  I would always go to Sunday school classes by myself.

2.  I would always be driving separately to church.

3.  I would be the one to stay home and miss church if anyone was sick.

4.  I would not get to talk to my husband too much when at church because so many want his attention.

5.  I would have the responsibility of getting all the kids ready by myself and get them to church and have to leave them crying at classes when they were little by myself.

6.  I would have to learn to say NO at times or I would be given many responsibilities and crises to deal with and it would take up all my time.

7.  I would be responsible to help kids with all church activities such as verses to memorize, songs to learn, tithes, crafts or whatever is needed.

8.  Our relationship can affect my husbands preaching on Sundays.

9.  I would be aware of many situations that I would be unable to talk with anyone about.

10.  There would be lonely times and I would have to adjust to being on my own at times.

11.  I won’t have another adults opinion on what I wear before getting to church.

12.  We wouldn’t have a family breakfast together on Sunday morning.

13.  Sundays would be different for us – too hard for a big meal most days.

14.  I would have a zombie husband on Mondays.

15.  I would be expected to guard our time.

Some of these sound quite negative and maybe that is where I was 7 years ago.  I am not sure.  I know everyone’s situation can be different depending on size of church, multiple services, your husbands gifts, and seasons of life.  Just thought I’d share where I was at this point.  Many of these things don’t apply to me right now or are not a big deal so there is hope out there for you!!  What do you wish you had known before being a minister’s wife?


7 responses to “What I wish I’d known before I was a minister’s wife

  1. This list is soooo true!!

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  3. I laughed at point #11…that’s so funny! We just had our first baby last summer and I can relate to a lot of those statements. Thanks for making me feel less alone! 🙂

    • so glad that made you laugh:) you are definitely not alone and that’s the cool thing about ministry wives—we get each other like no one else can. Thanks for stopping by..stay in touch

  4. All very true, it is probably a good thing we don’t know before we are ministry wives. We might have run fast and hard in the opposite direction;)))

  5. You are probably right Carla! It is good that God reveals what we need to know when we need it.

  6. Definitely true! My husband is bi-vocational, so there are MANY late nights for studying. I wish I would’ve known that. That even though he’s home, he’s not “with us”. Five years into the ministry still trying to figure out ways to delegate….;-)

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