New book for Minister’s Wives

     I wanted to share a new book with you that is hot off the press for minister’s wives, 10 Things Every Minister’s Wife Needs to Know by  Jeana Floyd.  She has been a minister’s wife for over 32 years so I don’t know about you but I sure want to listen when I know someone has that much experience in this role!

Here are a few quotes out of her book to let you get a glimpse of it:

“I have observed that rarely is a minister successful at ministry when his wife is miserable.”

“Ministry is not the motive; glorifying His name is the motive.”

“God has placed you with your husband in this position at this time to be an “influencer.”‘

“Does treating others the way you want to be treated guarantee you’ll always be treated equally well?  Not at all, but it is the right thing to do regardless of how others treat you.”

“I think one of the healthiest things a church family can see is your staff team loving one another.”

“Spoil your husbands not your children.”

“When you attempt to lead or overstep your boundaries as a wife, you put a strain on your relationship with the other wives.”

“Don’t always rescue your child when he does not get what he wants.”

“Your response to criticism, conflict, or crisis is a testimony to others.”

“Let the men be the men.”

Just a few exerpts to let you know what the book is about.  What are some books that you have read that have been meaningful to you as a minister’s wife?  I would love to hear some.  Thanks!  Jennifer


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