A couple of months ago my husband received a lifetime achievement award for student ministry. It was a very sweet time and part of the program included a video recap of the ministry we have poured our lives into. Although I had seen all the pictures and video clips used in the final piece, watching it all put together brought a lump to my throat and I was reminded again of the power that comes from reflecting on our experiences with the Lord.

Looking at the people we have ministered to, seeing faces of others we served alongside and remembering the multitude of ways that we have seen God work over the years did something to me. I felt a renewed sense of gratitude for the opportunities we have had. A fresh passion to continue on in the ministry life we have been called to and a stronger conviction that my God is bigger and more powerful than anything that might come against us.

It hit me that we get so busy sometimes just keeping up with our crazy lives that I have neglected to take the time to reflect on God’s hand on us through the years. Ministry can be tough and hard and we can tend to focus on circumstances around us forgetting to trust in the Lord’s power to work things together for good. When we look back and recall all the ways that He has never left us alone or how He supplied exactly what we needed when we needed it–it’s empowering.

Have you forgotten some of those times when you experienced God in a powerful way? Think about all that He has done in and through you. What are some of your favorite reflections of God’s hand on your life? What are some video clips you would include in a “Tribute to God’s Hand” video???

Don’t be in such a hurry to live life today that you forget to praise and thank God for His previous faithfulness:)
They are our stories to tell and through them we can find strength for today.


One response to “Reflections

  1. Yesterday I attended my last “official” Chilhoweee Baptist Association Ministers’ Wives meeting, where I served as Director of the Leadership Team for 8+ years. They surprised me with a “Farewell Tribute” DVD of things we had done as a group over the years, along with other gifts. So many of these things I had forgotten and/or taken for granted. Seeing these clips reminded me of the numerous miracles God has done in the lives of the ministers’ wives whom He has led to become a part of our support group and made me so thankful that He allowed me to be a small part of that. Though bittersweet, it also helped me to realize that these ladies will always be a special part of my life and have been beneficial in helping God prepare me to move on to another area and start all over again, developing a new Ministers’ Wives Support Group. I know God has a plan for our new ministry and has already done some miraculous things in the short time we have been in Cocke County. Althought it has been tough leaving dear friends and a “comfortable” ministry that I dearly loved, I am excited to see what all He has in store for us and the wonderful people He has called to serve in this area.

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