Time with other Minister’s Wives

     I have just returned from a Metro Conference with other Minister’s wives.  It is always refreshing to meet with someone else “in my shoes.”  What is it about just being with other minister’s wives that helps us so much?

 Is it knowing that someone else has encountered some of the same things that we have?

 Is it knowing that someone else can understand us?

 Is it knowing that others have encountered problems in their churches and survived?  

Is it knowing that others deal with balancing their family and church?

Is it knowing that we are not alone even though lonely at times?

Is it having that confidence that we can really share with one another?

Is it  just the presence of being with other women who love the Lord and love His church?

Is it in knowing that someone understands the pressures we face?

I don’t know what it is but I do know that time with other minister’s wives can be refreshing.  If it has been a while for you then I suggest you find another friend in ministry and if you can’t get together in person over lunch then at least give a phone call.  It is time well spent when you can refresh yourself because then you can refresh others!  Blessings!  Jennifer


2 responses to “Time with other Minister’s Wives

  1. as i read this blog… my heart started to ache and little tear puddles filled my eyes… the ache to have another woman who understands exactly what you go through… i know i know Jesus knows and understands and i don’t mean to sound ungrateful … He has been my faithful friend.
    I remember taking to another pastors wife at a retreat and asking for advice about who to talk to if your whole world is the church… your whole people group is the church.. and you have no outside friends.. you don’t have network with other pastors wives..then what?????
    no answer.
    i just feel really alone in this role. sometimes my husband is a good listener BUT he is not the wife of a pastor… he is not a woman…and sometimes he just can’t carry another thing… when i am undone he is undone…
    so i say nothing. so i stuff.., so i talk to jesus yes… do i talk to the friends i have in the church.? shoule i ?.i don’t know but i do sometimes… they are precious… but unless you walk in my shoes you really don’t understand …
    wish i had someone who had a pair of shoes just like mine to talk to.

    • girlfriend you are not alone…no matter how it feels:) hang in there. are yall the only staff at your church?? if you want to email me and chat about some of this off public record i would be more than glad to visit with you on the subject. i totally know and remember various times of alone feeling through the past years of ministry—sometimes the ‘alone on a crowd’ feeling can be overwhelming…my email is rachel@rachellovingood.com so give me a shout if you feel like it.

      by the way—where are yall serving? some of our online circle may be in your area…

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