I just don’t have anything to give…

Just this past week we had youth camp–now, I’ve been doing youth camp every year since I was a teenager and all but one since I married my minister husband 23 years ago—let me mention that my birthday is always at youth camp too…so anyway I have to confess that this year I wanted to coast. I thought “Maybe I should just go to camp and ‘help out’ with whatever needs to be done and not be a family group leader or counselor. All the adults work hard at camp but the way we do camp is extremely intense and exhausting for the counselors who stay in cabins with their groups of girls. My hubby made sure that I was assigned to a group and I planned on doing it but all along I kept thinking that maybe I would leave early etc. I kept thinking that I am too old for this kind of week and maybe I really don’t have anything for teenage girls today.

It didn’t take long for the Holy Spirit to start working on me and I really had to confess my bad attitude and repent. The Lord kept reminding me that nothing, absolutely nothing–even being exhausted from no sleep, being sore all over from walking across the hilly camp, never actually being clean for more than about 5 minutes and sweating like crazy from morning till night—nothing is better than seeing and experiencing life change.

That is exactly what happened with my group of girls at camp. I had the privilege of talking through their issues, praying with them to accept Christ, encouraging them to ask God for answers and to listen to His voice–these kinds of things are priceless and I pray that I will never let the weakness of my flesh keep me from being part of the great work of God. I had such a sweet bunch of girls and an awesome co counselor who got tickled with me as we listened to the ‘getting ready’ conversations. We both felt awed and humbled by the fact that these beautiful, young teenagers respected what we had to say and more importantly, trusted us with their deepest hurts and issues.

Have you ever felt like that? Like maybe what God might be going to do will take more out of you than you have to give? Like the work of the ministry is just too exhausting so count me out? If so, don’t beat yourself up but try to remember that being part of His work is worth the sacrifice every time:)

You may want to jot those times down in a journal so that you can go back and read about the power of God that you saw. Or you may need to enlist a friend to look you in the eye and remind you of how you feel when you are being used in mighty ways—when she does, don’t get mad at her–go with it!!!


2 responses to “I just don’t have anything to give…

  1. when things go from an idea to a reality… they get so much richer… the idea of camp to the reality of campers… so much richer

  2. Carla Slayden

    So true. We started VBS today, and I was already tired. My age is starting to show;) Then I saw my class, a precious group of 5th and 6th grade girls. I had to thank God for the privilege of having a part in their spiritual lives. He is truly strong when we are weak.

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