Hey Virginia Friends!!

Just a quick note to say how much we both enjoyed meeting so many of you in Virginia at the Between Us. There was such a sweet spirit in that place and you were all such a blessing to us. We love you and appreciate the work that you do immensely:)

Have you ever walked out of some great event and wanted to kick yourself for not taking any pictures??? I usually am pretty good at catching a few pics to remember an event by, but when Jen and I got in the car heading to the airport, I looked at her and said “I can’t believe it but I didn’t take one picture”. We were both mad at ourselves for that because we love to put the pics up here on the blog so we can all see them….soooo-if you took any pictures and can send them to us or put them on facebook and tag us, we would really appreciate it.

How cool was it that Beth stopped in to encourage us the first night? She is such a fabulous lady and I know that those of you who were able to attend the LPL were tremendously blessed. I was at a family wedding at the time (which was very sweet and fun–we had pizza for the reception and my boys were like “yeah, this is my kind of wedding!”—anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that we love meeting you and hope that if there is ever any way that we can serve or encourage you that you will let us know.

Many thanks to Chris and the Lifeway team for planning and putting on such an important event–may we never forget or neglect our own spiritual health as we get caught up in the busyness of ministry!!!!!

More later–we are off to our own church’s staff retreat for a couple of days…



4 responses to “Hey Virginia Friends!!

  1. My daughter and I were there, we really enjoyed it!! Thanks to all of you ladies who give of your time and energy to minister to us. What do you do to have a time off???

  2. do you mean what do we do in our down time? or more along the lines of how do you manage to get away for times like those?

  3. I just wondered, with your church ministry, and ministering at the conferences, how do you get refreshed and ministered to? Concerned about you!!

    • well we appreciate the concern and the prayers. just after the VA conf our church had staff retreat and it was such a great time away with our hubby’s so things like that really help:) we also have little times that we get to focus on our lives, marriages and families. it definitely takes being intentional to keep balanced though!!!!

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