Confessions of a shoe-aholic

(Disclaimer: I love shoe analogies and this is a few of the fun thoughts i sometimes have-usually when traveling)

I confess–I love shoes. All kinds. Dressy, fun, flats, mules, boots, and flip flops–all kinds. Some days I even change several times, after all life is unpredictable.
One of the best things about shoes is that they won’t let you down. They stick with you through thick and thin–literally.
If you gain a few pounds, they still love you.
If you lose a few, they still work for you.
Shoes are not fair weather friends–unlike your jeans that refuse to adjust to that ice cream cake you ate for supper last night.
Once you find a good fit with shoes–they fit.
When I was pregnant I fell deeply in love with shoes and jewelry and that love hasn’t ever faded.
Shoes can cheer you up on a dark day or even provide a warm hug when you need it, consider that feeling you get when you slip your foot into a warm, fuzzy pair of house shoes–it just can’t be duplicated.

(here is a possible spiritual application for those who rolled their eyes at the previous thoughts:)
Do you ever think about your shoes? What do they say about you? About your priorities? Where are you right now spiritually? What kind of shoes are you wearing?

have a great day!


5 responses to “Confessions of a shoe-aholic

  1. Wearing flip flops with yoga mat soles… They are uber comfortable, probably reflect my laid back approach to style and life. I ordered them online but ha them delivered to rei to avoid shipping charges indicating that I’ll seek out what I want but will find a way to make it work with the budget.. Plus I love a chance to meander trough rei.

  2. Ah forgot to add spiritual application: comfortable in my role as child of the king, relaxing in the peace that passes understanding that only he gives.

  3. I also dearly love a new pair of shoes, especially if they are on sale!!! Right now I am barefoot, but spent the day on hospital visitation and errands, wearing my comfy but cute Clarks. I am at the point in my life where the shoe must be comfortable. Spiritual application – He is always with me. When I was younger, had tons of energy, and it only mattered what the shoes looked like, He was there, and now that I am older, run out of steam a little quicker, and arch support is an important element of the shoe, He is still there!!! I’m so thankful for His constant presence, even when my “dogs are barking.”

  4. love both those thoughts carla and robyn!!!

  5. ahhh shoes. when I was a young woman every 6 1/2 B shoe fit–no matter the style. as an old woman I wear size 9. I would like to think that my Spiritual maturity has grown as my shoe size has–1 Cr 13:11 :When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child does. But when I grew up… I gave up childish ways.” Of course there is another spiritual application for me. My feet stayed so swollen this very hot summer that all of my shoes were too tight and I thought it’s like the Lord getting my attention when I become so puffed up with _____(whatever is unacceptable, anger, irritation, myself, my ways, etc.). I’m grateful that He loves me enough to do this.

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