Need God?

You know how there are times when you need God and then times when you need, need God? Do any of you use double speak to emphasize a point? if not then this may not make any sense to you but the reality is that I always need god but there are times when I desperately need Him to speak or reveal Himself to me.

I used to be one of those people who felt like I could handle alot of things on my own and sort of ‘saved up’ what i needed God for. Oh how dumb I was. I am now at the place where I totally recognize my need for God on a daily basis–about everything. And then there are those days when I need Him even more. You know–when life is crazier than usual or the decisions that are on the horizon are more huge than normal, or some people in your life have things going on that are overwhelming and then there are those days when you realize that the God of the Universe wants to use you as part of His plan and the responsibility is just breathtaking.(in the oh my goodness, please don’t ever let me let you down Lord kind of way)

I am sitting in the lobby of the car repair place waiting to have the battery changed on my car, so that I won’t be stranded in some random place with a dead battery-which I promise would happen to me soon) and I brought my computer along to get some material ready for this Sunday’s senior class. As I was working on the material (it’s sent in already) it just keeps coming back to me that what seems like one small lesson for this week is really so much bigger than that. We are talking about hearing God’s voice and recognizing His will and I am overwhelmed with the responsibility and also the opportunity. What if this group of seniors in high school could really ‘get it’? What if they can learn to rely on His voice now, while they are still so young? whew–that could be that’s where I am today—in awe of the fact that God uses us for His purposes and desperate for Him to work through us Sunday so that these students ‘get it’.

All of this may be magnified by the fact that today I am also leaving to take my senior daughter to an officisl college visit. Is she ready? Have we prepared her? the questions continue but the truth remains true–He is on His throne and I need Him.

Blessings to you today–its a privilege to serve our God!!!
Depend on Him today—I need need Him-what about you?


6 responses to “Need God?

  1. Wow, such timely words for me this morning Rachel! Thank you for using what the Lord is teaching you to encourage me and all the other ladies that follow your blog! I love the fact that I get to see you live out these truths that you are teaching & writing! It is a privilege to serve in ministry 🙂

  2. That was good good!
    Praying that god is especially obvious to you today.

  3. I am a “few” 😉 years older than you, and as time goes by, I realize more and more that I need Him every second, every nano second. I do not want to even draw the next breath without Him, and desperately need His wisdom, guidance and grace to live life and do ministry. Thanks for sharing.

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