Watch Out Louisiana!!

Okay all you ministry wives in Louisiana–watch out cause we are heading your way:) In the morning Jen and I will jump on a plane here in Nashville to meet up with ya’ll in Alexandria. This has been an interesting week for me and I am really anticipating God doing big things in us this weekend. (I hope you realize that when we come and share, many times we are sharing what we have learned and many times we are speaking to ourselves and we just figure you might can use it too!) that’s what makes what we get the privilege of doing so special—it’s always changing and God never lets us down.

As I finish preparing what I’m bringing–what clothes and shoes etc (these are a big deal when you are not checking a bag) i keep having sort of an overwhelmed feeling and I know that He is in the process of really teaching me what it means to rest in Him and abide in His presence. It makes me wonder what God has been teaching you this week or this month or this year, for that matter –if you’re really hard headed like me sometimes it takes that long:)

For those of you who are joining us at the retreat, I’m praying that you will be prepared for what He wants to say and do in your life, that you will be refreshed and encouraged in Him. For those of you who are just reading this from no where near Louisiana, I pray that you will be seeking Him and putting yourself in a position to really hear Him…be still and know and rest assured that He is God and He is on the throne no matter what life throws your way!!!!

Love to you all and pray for us this weekend:)


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