Pics from Louisiana

We so loved our time with all you wives in LA! The retreat was just awesome and Jen and I kept talking about how “sweet the spirit was in that place”—we truly felt the presence of the Lord in the atmosphere and you all were a sweet aroma of Christ to us! (wow that sounded poetic but i really meant it:)

It was such fun to make new friends, see some friends from the past and make connections as we all realize what a small world ministry is…thanks to all of you for being so kind even when I messed up and took jennifer’s part, or how understanding you were when we shared our own personal weaknesses-I hope and pray that it was an encouraging and uplifting time for you because it was for us! Here are some pics so look for yourself–

Don’t you love how small ministry makes the world?? Even when you go far from home–you find people you feel like you have known forever or you know the same people and are practically related—like i felt with so many of you—Ms Patty and I may be cousin somehow–we have such neat history with some of the same people…i like to think of as the Jesus in me connecting with the Jesus in you and I absolutely LOVE it!!! God is just so good…


One response to “Pics from Louisiana

  1. Jennifer Landrith

    Fun time! Louisiana Pastors Wives are awesome!!

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