Busy weekend–Lots of God

Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you have alot on your plate (not food but things to do) that although it can be time consuming or even exhausting, it is also more opportunities for God to show up big time. This past weekend was like that for me. Due to some crazy scheduling and a couple of date switches, I found myself with some back to back speaking opps.

I knew that God was working things out as only He could and my hubby and some good friends had the kids taken care of so I headed out to do what God called me to do and I just had that feeling all weekend that something big was happening–you know what I mean??? that goose bump kind of feeling that things are happening that you have absolutely no clue about and that are much larger than you or your preparations…

These times overwhelm me and excite me at the same time because although I know that i can’t do any of it on my own, I also know that God has great plans for what He is doing and I truly sense a movement happening throughout women across this country!!! I really do and I am totally humbled to be a part of it.

So from Valley Grove to Mississippi ad back home, I have been praying and seeking God and He has been doing “great and mighty things that I didn’t even know”. It has been a privilege to serve all you ladies I met these past few days and I am praying for you as I reflect on the work that God has been doing. He truly wants us to live the abundant life and I never want to settle for less than that–I hope you don’t either!!!

What is something that God has been impressing on you or teaching you in these last few days?? He wants to use all of us and we need to be speaking up and standing up for what we know He wants…you can make a huge difference exactly where you are:)

Much love-Rachel


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