one of those days…

Do you ever have one of those days? you know the ones where you are just blown away by who God is and what He does and even the fact that He lets us be part of His work??? well, today is one of those days for me. I had the privilege of teaching at our girls retreat this weekend and my session was this morning. In the midst of odd distractions and a really late night, God completely showed Himself to be awesome and powerful.

My subject to teach on was ‘Captivated by His love’ and as we dug into 1 John 2:15-17, I was once again confronted with the overwhelming recognition that without Him we can do nothing. I thought I might share a few things I learned since I never teach anything that God is not teaching me at the same time!

Captivated means to attract or hold the attention of but the root word has more to do with being ‘taken captive’…the application I focused on was centered around the question of “what captivates you?” because although we know that we should be captivated by God and His love, the reality is that when I am more focused on anything else then I am missing the boat. The most powerful ‘a ha’ moments came for me when we set up a dramatic kind of theme interpretation at the close of my time. I literally sat and bawled my eyes one of our college girls (lacey jenkins rocked it out) gave us all a perfect visual of how we can be taken captive by wrong thinking and misplaced affections. She stood weighed down by heavy chains an ropes and then as only God can do her spirits were lifted as the song ‘Captivate me’ was very simply sung by Brooke Voland. As the words rang through the room the chains and ropes were removed intentionally and Lacey was finally free to worship.

What got me was the reality that so many girls, and us older girls, are submitting ourselves to a yoke of slavery and allowing ourselves to be captivated by things of the world. It crushes me to think about the sheer number of girls who are weighed down and when we extended an invitation there was not a dry eye in the place nor did any refuse to deal with their stuff. Those girls and ladies hit their knees and cried out to God for forgiveness and restoration. It was a powerful moment that happened at an unexpected time—11 in the morning is not the most spiritual time of day—but that’s how He rolls, when we open our hearts to Him, He moves.

I am changed and I pray those girls are changed and the leadership lesson I learned has to do with that old adage that the leader is the lesson. When we want to speak and teach in power then we have to be willing to learn the lesson ourselves first and THEN our influence will be multiplied….

feeling grateful and very humbled…

have you had one of ‘those’ days lately??


3 responses to “one of those days…

  1. What an eye-opener – nothing need captivate me but His great love and grace. It is so easy to allow the ropes and chains to accumulate, even while doing ministry. Busyness, distraction, hurts, ….. I need to deliberately remove them and rest in Him alone. Thanks for the reminder!!

  2. Carla…you’re exactly right—its so easy to allow those things BUT greater is He who is in us!!! Hope you have a great holiday season:)

  3. You, too Rachel. Have a lovely Christmas. Thank you for all of your encouragement!!

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