For our family holidays=food, and lots of it. We celebrate our times together with good food and good times. So that means that I have about cooked myself silly. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love, LOVE having all my kids home and fixing food for them, but by this time, I’m almost sick of food in general (and thats saying alot).

I have never been a resolutionist in the traditional sense but I do like to reflect in the past year and pray for God’s direction on the new year to see where and how I need be challenging myself. This year its seems to be about food–not the physical kind but the spiritual kind. The theme that I am sensing from the Lord is that I definitely need to be feasting on the Word even more than I ever have. To really crave His Word– Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation and to taste and see that the Lord is good and to move on to the meatier things in Scripture. Funny how when you have been eating the same things for a few days that your body starts to crave something different. Once over the holidays one of my kids said “I just really am craving some good ole junk food from a fast food restaurant since we’ve been eating all this meat and vegetables”–makes me wonder if I sometimes settle for the same bits and pieces of the Word that I have always been eating–you know the comfortable stuff.

This year it’s time to break out of any comfort zones and go wherever God calls…

Our discipleship plan for the women of our church this year is to study thru the Bible chronologically and so I have started that read thru (i must say that I am really loving the whole read thru together thing and have already been having some fun discussions with friends) and I am also being challenged to memorize more Scripture. Something that was much easier when I was much younger but even more necessary now! and I refuse to let that be a cop out for me.

You see I have read thru the Bible before but not quite this way and not with so many people so that will be cool and different and I am absolutely committed to memorizing the Word like never before so I am excited to see what God is going to teach me through these things. My eyes are wide open to the cravings of my heart and life—may each day be all about craving Him and His Word like never before…

I wonder, what are you craving this year? to know Him better? to live more fully surrendered?

whatever it is–pray and ask believing that He will hear you and answer you


2 responses to “hungry?

  1. I too was tired of the kitchen, Christmas cookies and food preparation in general;)) I am allowing myself a few days off, but received a new Kitchenaid mixer this year, so am itching to break that in! The Lord has impressed me as well to make sure my Scripture “meat” and “milk” take their proper place in my life, to nourish my soul and spirit and worry a lot less about what I eat or drink, or put on…. I am so thankful for His faithfulness, mercy and gentle nudging in my life.

  2. oooh carla –i may be a little jealous of the new mixer…i have always wanted one of those! may you continue to be nourished by HIM in 2011:)

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