Shout out for marriage

As leaders in ministry not only is there more pressure on us personally but there is also pressure on our marriages. (I know you are thinking “no duh”) On this Valentines Day, when people are even more that usually focused on love and relationships, I thought it might be a good time to do a shout out to good marriages.

I had the pleasure of eating lunch with my hubby and even tho I didn’t make the best food choice (stuffed trout that had hidden cut up onions in it) we just had the best time sitting there talking and discussing things. It was one of ‘those days’ and I loved it. What I would like to consider together is this question “What is something that you and your man do to keep things strong between you?”

Although lunch was great today, one of the best habits that we have gotten into this past couple of years is to take an evening walk together (weather permitting) and that has been consistently one pf the best communication builders in our lives. So now you share yours and lets not only look for good ideas but lets celebrate together the marriages that we have been blessed with!!!!



One response to “Shout out for marriage

  1. Rach–love that you posted this! You are so right, sometimes the pressure on our marriages is difficult.

    One of the things that we do that has been transformational for us–Thursday night date night! There is something about that few hours together that I know no matter what has happened that week, we are still going to get our date night in. Most Thursday nights we spend at Chef’s Mkt, and we close down the restaurant 🙂 We also recently started reading a book together at night–Wisdom for Parents, which has been a neat blessing too!

    You and Jeff mean so much to us! I’m grateful for all that you both continue to do for us and our students!

    Thank you for the encouraging post today!

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