Running on Empty-Min Wives Opp

So this has been a crazy few weeks for me with my daughter graduating, my college son finishing another year at UT and my youngest finishing 8th grade…whew! you probably have some similar stories- it seems like may is the culmination of so many things each year. That said, I wonder how many of you may be running on empty? Sometimes when we get so crazy trying to keep up and get things done, our spiritual tanks get very dry.

One friend emailed me this “May you cling to your inner Mary in a time that will try to bring out your Martha.” I Iaughed out loud and thought “that’s perfect and exactly what I need to hear right now. How many of you can relate?

It’s the perfect time for us ministry wives to get together—but it’s not practical to do it in person that’s why I’m so excited about an opportunity that’s coming up this weekend. It’s an online gathering of ministry wives and we hope you can be a part. Heather Platt, Diane Nix and myself are sharing and the topic is living “in joy”. Sounds great doesn’t it??? registration is minimal and you will be able to view the teaching sessions after the fact if you get tied up and can’t be on your computer at the exact right moment. Love the flexibility that comes with that!!!

Here is the link for more info and to register

Tap into your Mary, give Martha a rest, and join us:)



3 responses to “Running on Empty-Min Wives Opp

  1. Carla Slayden

    I am 99.9% Martha, and at times I feel life could not possibly be any busier. I refuse to say it outloud, however and invoke Murphy’s Law of First Mention;)
    Lord, help my Mary to increase, and Martha decrease!

  2. girl I hear ya!!! I did make it through the weekend with Mary and Martha both in attendance:) (And they didn’t even get into any fights or anything..haha)

  3. Carla Slayden

    That is wonderful;))) I hate it when my multiple personalities are fighting!!!

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