Saul or David???

When we read in 1 Samuel about the lives of David and Saul not only is it interesting reading, there are some good lessons for us as leaders. It makes me wonder which one I am more like–David or Saul? now most of us know the correct answer to that question, we should be like David because he was a man after God’s own heart. Although that’s true and I hope to be the same, the truth of the matter is that sometimes I make some of the dumb mistakes that Saul made.

Think about it. Saul was King and yet he became so focused on 1 little man that he lost all reason. (is that starting to work for you?) His one track mind and obsession with finding David caused him to neglect the big job that God had given him. He ignored his responsibility until God took that away too….hmmm- good warning for us.

David on the other hand, was continually seeking God and trusting in Him and His timing. if you read the Psalms David wrote during his days running from the crazed king you will see that David showed us how to seek God. he asked for intervention from God, trusted Him, responded to correction (Saul’s robe in the cave) even listened to a woman’s intervention (Abigail) and really displayed a heart that worshiped and loved God in both the good times and the bad. Do I do that?

Which are you more like? Have you gotten distracted by the one person who complains, or the situation that won’t go away? Have you neglected the calling that God has placed on your life because the little details have weighed you down? Saul did and it wasn’t pretty.

It can happen to any of us at some point or another—the key is that we recognize our mistake and become more like David. Seek after God. Trust Him. Wait for His timing. Take advantage of the opportunities. Keep your eyes on Jesus and do what you know to do. Live your purpose.

Enjoy the privilege of serving Him today!



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