Leadership Checkup

If you are a leader of a small group you may want to check out this video we made for our student ministry volunteers. Recognize that the application is focused on student ministry so the examples are directed that way but the principle is still the same. When we learn to ask the next question we will see changes in our small groups.

I firmly believe that we all are in the process of becoming the leaders that God wants us to be and if we stop to take a checkup every now and then we just might find some places where we could be doing things a little differently in order to see more life change happening.

What’s the goal of your small group??? Watch and see what you think…. (be nice, i didn’t have any professional hair and makeup:)

Because we are all in this together!!!!


2 responses to “Leadership Checkup

  1. Great video and great principles. We are starting in a new church, new High school ministry, and I’ve had some “awkward is awesome” small group moments…your video gave me some good things to think about.

  2. thanks sarah! i know the feeling and i think anyone who ever leads a group knows about awkward:) if yall are looking for material special for seniors in high school let me know. we wrote some last year and it was so successful that we made it available for others

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