Odd Kardashian humor…

I been hearing such random supposedly funny quips and word plays about the Kim Kardashian marriage breakup, and while I love to laugh, I just can’t be amused by yet another marriage ending. It breaks my heart and seems to be so reflective of this culture and its lack of understanding of what marriage was designed and intended to be.

I know that God doesn’t laugh about it and I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t either. The media is full of news about this break up—people are joking about the short length of the marriage and that is so very sad. On more than one front. News- supposedly hard news agencies are reporting about this celebrity relationship and the implications of the divorce in the same breath as presidential situations and world economic crisis—really???? we are listening to people discuss how this is going to affect Kim’s image?!?! have we lost our minds? Does the image of a reality TV star rate the same amount of air time as troops overseas, wall street, presidential race, and all that???

It seems to me that reality TV stars have no sense of what reality is and the American public is just jumping right in. Some people have been quoted as saying these things “it (the divorce) is something that just didn’t work out. It’s better that they got out now”–really? you can say that something as serious and with as deep a commitment as marriage should have just didn’t work out after less than 3 months??? or what about this “they gave it a shot” how much of a ‘shot’ does a marriage deserve?…72 days isn’t even enough time to get a closet sorted out much less to give marriage a shot.

And that may be where much of the problem is—our society is full of people who are ‘giving marriage a shot’–it was designed to be a life long commitment between a man and a woman–NOT something that happens in a basketball game where you score 2 or 3 points.

Marriage is tough enough when you do it God’s way–it’s worth it but it’s tough sometimes…I’m afraid that when we begin to buy into this “give it a shot’ mentality that it may very well become impossible. Sadly, Christ followers are being just as deceived by our media and culture as those who don’t know Him. When was the last time you laughed about a marriage breaking up? or about some type of sin? —-remember (and I’m talking to myself too) when we laugh at sin we start to become desensitized to it and when we become desensitized to it there is no telling what all can happen.

I’m saddened by another marriage ending. It makes me more and more thankful for a husband who sticks by me even when it can’t be easy and more and more grateful for the examples I see of men and women who love each other through sickness and heath, tho richer or poorer–till death parts them…..may God give us grace to love each other and encourage one another and maybe even to be that person who says “You can make your marriage work. Trust God. Follow His plan and stick with it. Don’t give it a shot. Make it last.”

As leaders in ministry, what are we doing to teach women that God’s word is counter culture and they need to learn to stand on the Word even when it goes against common thought?? Do we speak the truth in love or just laugh off wrong thinking? I think He has called us to more…more prayer, more faith, more sharing our faith, more than the world settles for, more of Him.

I can’t laugh about some things…and I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t:)


One response to “Odd Kardashian humor…

  1. This got me to thinking about the unfaithfulness in the church. Seems to be so many church divorces (hoppers), church abusers (use church for self-gain) and church adulterers (not faithful to one church).

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