What am I entitled to as a Pastor’s wife?

I am teaching James by Beth Moore right now and I have come across a thought that I keep pondering. In week 5, on day 4 of our homework, it says, “Nothing muffles conviction as effectively as entitlement.” How does this apply to me in ministry? Do I go about thinking that anyone owes me anything? I didn’t think so until God reminded me of a few instances:
1. When I raise my voice with my kids I am thinking if they had obeyed I wouldn’t have to do that. I was entitled to do that since they didn’t obey.
2. When my husband is late for supper then I don’t have to give him a warm supper. I am entitled to do that since he was late.
3. When I am running late then it is ok to take a front row spot at that church event. I am entitled to do that since I will be later if I don’t.
4. I don’t have to go out of my way to talk with someone that I know was out gossiping about our church this week. Since they are wrong in what they said I can be wrong in how I act toward them.  I am entitled to not be friendly since I have a reason.
Ok enough examples but I think you get the point. I really do see how conviction evades me when I rationalize and feel entitled to what I do and say. Wow! I don’t want to be guilty of not allowing conviction to break my heart or those around me on what breaks God’s heart. I want to be someone that is sensitive and not entitled to anything. If I am entitled to anything then it is only because of what Jesus has done for me …
1. I am entitled to love others because Jesus loved me and gave Himself up on a cross for me and gives me His Spirit living within me to empower me to love others.
2. I am entitled to live a life having a relationship with the creator of the universe and I can talk to Him whenever because of Jesus having a plan for my life.
3.  I am entitled to be called a child of God because of Jesus making a way for me to have a heavenly Father.                                                                                                                 4.  I am entitled to be light in the darkness because Jesus showed me the light.

Yes, I am an entitled pastor’s wife but not because of anything that I have done or deserve!  Don’t let entitlement keep you from being convicted where God wants you to be, but do let entitlement in Him keep you living as a daughter of the King.


2 responses to “What am I entitled to as a Pastor’s wife?

  1. Thank you. Such a great reminder up live humbly.

  2. Thanks Angie!

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