We have been so encouraged by the response to the Bible Study so far and are excited about some new opportunities. A couple of different state conventions have decided to plan ministers’ wives events using “In our Shoes…” as the theme! Of course we think that is a great theme and has so many fun possibilities.

If you are interested in planning a similar event and scheduling one or both of us to speak at the event then just let us know and we will be happy to work with you in any way. You can comment here in the blog or send an email to

Blessings to you and remember–you’re not walking in the world of ministry alone:)

Our basic message to other wives can be summed up with the following mission statement…
OUR MISSION: to address real life issues and questions then to apply biblical principles so that wives everywhere can be:
-encouraged that they are not alone
-supported in the day to day struggles of life in ministry
-challenged to reach for God’s best in all areas of life

here are some places where we will be in case you are near, we would love to see you:)

August 26-27 Between Us Ministers’ Wives Conference, Richmond, VA

September 28 Ministers’ Wives/Widows event, Huntsville, AL

October 1-2 TBC Ministers’ Wives Retreat East Tennessee

October 15-16 Louisiana Baptist Convention Ministers’ Wives Retreat

October 25 Mississippi Baptist Convention Ministers’ Wives Luncheon

November 9-11 Women’s Ministry National Leadership Forum, Ridgecrest

January 21-22 Ministers’ Wives Gathering


4 responses to “Events

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing the Bible study. The 4 of us “staff wives” finish it up tomorrow. What a blessing. Every minister’s wife ought to do it. I will recommend it every chance I get. Saw you two in Nashville a while back, loved it.

  2. Hello ladies,
    Found you guys through the Lifeway blog. I also noticed you will be at the leadership forum in Nov. I look forward to meeting you.
    I have recently started a non-profit womens ministry in my community and one aspect of the ministry is we started a pastors wife fellowship. We are having our 2nd one this month. I will be accessing your sight to get ideas and thoughts for the direction we head. Thanks for the ministry!


    • Hi Deanna,
      So glad you found us and excited about your ministry to wives and women in ministry. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you.

      You probably noticed that we have a Bible Study for wives that might be helpful in planning things and there are group discussion guides in the back.
      Good luck and God bless your ministry!!!!
      ps–be sure and find us at the looking forward to time in the mountains:)

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