Odd Kardashian humor…

I been hearing such random supposedly funny quips and word plays about the Kim Kardashian marriage breakup, and while I love to laugh, I just can’t be amused by yet another marriage ending. It breaks my heart and seems to be so reflective of this culture and its lack of understanding of what marriage was designed and intended to be.

I know that God doesn’t laugh about it and I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t either. The media is full of news about this break up—people are joking about the short length of the marriage and that is so very sad. On more than one front. News- supposedly hard news agencies are reporting about this celebrity relationship and the implications of the divorce in the same breath as presidential situations and world economic crisis—really???? we are listening to people discuss how this is going to affect Kim’s image?!?! have we lost our minds? Does the image of a reality TV star rate the same amount of air time as troops overseas, wall street, presidential race, and all that???

It seems to me that reality TV stars have no sense of what reality is and the American public is just jumping right in. Some people have been quoted as saying these things “it (the divorce) is something that just didn’t work out. It’s better that they got out now”–really? you can say that something as serious and with as deep a commitment as marriage should have just didn’t work out after less than 3 months??? or what about this “they gave it a shot” how much of a ‘shot’ does a marriage deserve?…72 days isn’t even enough time to get a closet sorted out much less to give marriage a shot.

And that may be where much of the problem is—our society is full of people who are ‘giving marriage a shot’–it was designed to be a life long commitment between a man and a woman–NOT something that happens in a basketball game where you score 2 or 3 points.

Marriage is tough enough when you do it God’s way–it’s worth it but it’s tough sometimes…I’m afraid that when we begin to buy into this “give it a shot’ mentality that it may very well become impossible. Sadly, Christ followers are being just as deceived by our media and culture as those who don’t know Him. When was the last time you laughed about a marriage breaking up? or about some type of sin? —-remember (and I’m talking to myself too) when we laugh at sin we start to become desensitized to it and when we become desensitized to it there is no telling what all can happen.

I’m saddened by another marriage ending. It makes me more and more thankful for a husband who sticks by me even when it can’t be easy and more and more grateful for the examples I see of men and women who love each other through sickness and heath, tho richer or poorer–till death parts them…..may God give us grace to love each other and encourage one another and maybe even to be that person who says “You can make your marriage work. Trust God. Follow His plan and stick with it. Don’t give it a shot. Make it last.”

As leaders in ministry, what are we doing to teach women that God’s word is counter culture and they need to learn to stand on the Word even when it goes against common thought?? Do we speak the truth in love or just laugh off wrong thinking? I think He has called us to more…more prayer, more faith, more sharing our faith, more than the world settles for, more of Him.

I can’t laugh about some things…and I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t:)



sometimes I want to throw in the towel on this techno crazed world we live in—it’s definitely not Mayberry:) and although I am the first to appreciate all that new and unbelievable technology has brought to us I can get a little frustrated with it all. Can you relate to me when I can’t figure out the details of another evite, forgot my password to twitter yet again, can’t find my cool friend on pinterest, I still haven’t figured out linked in and the biggest reason why I still resist new or different technology is because the thought of having to remember yet another screen name and password is beyond what I am capable of(yes I have heard those who suggest that i use the same name and password for everything—BUT that doesn’t work!!!)

You can take that previous paragraph a bit tongue in cheek and although there are many ways in which technology has had a negative impact (if I hear about another person who leaves their family because they reconnect with an old high school friend I’m gonna scream) but the truth is that technology is a tool and we are all responsible for how we choose to use it. Just like anything else it can be positive or negative–our choice.

One choice that we don’t really have is to ignore technology and hope that it goes away (can you imagine people giving up their iphones?!) if you really think that can happen be sure and post a blog on what the world looks like through the sand where you have your head buried:)

Jeff, my sweet hubby, and I were out on a walk last Sunday afternoon. It was a bright, beautiful, sunny day. We were walking and talking and every kid in the neighborhood was out playing or riding bikes-it was feeling a little like Mayberry…until we happened by a group of kids with bicycles gathered in a group on the sidewalk. They were inspecting one kid’s bike and the comments were flying around as they dissected the situation. We heard one kid say “the tire is just flat” to which another immediately responded “better just call onstar” they were dead serious. Jeff and I looked at each other with “did that just happen?” looks on our faces and laughed our heads off.

We kept walking and reflecting on what a different world we live in today. Not worse-just different. These are the times we live in, the question is “how will we respond as people who want to make a difference and share the gospel with a lost and dying world?”

It’s not Mayberry but people are still people and they still need Jesus. What are we willing to do to make sure they hear about His love and grace??? I guess I can remember one more password….

Lighten Up!

Have you ever felt like the holidays are less about Jesus than they should be? Even in our church circles this is a problem and I have made plans every year to ‘reclaim the holidays’ for celebrating Christ and making Him known.

This year I have been convicted and inspired to do something more. Together with some friends, we planned out a holiday themed event that is designed to help women ‘lighten up and reclaim the holidays’. We made a schedule, great graphics for shirts etc and I have prepared a teaching time all designed to bring Jesus back in to the main focus of the holiday season (meaning Thanksgiving to New Years).

There are two versions available for booking. One that is way heavier on the funny—with a straight up gospel presentation to conclude. The goal with this is to invite all kinds of women from the community from lost to unchurched to regular attenders, then get them laughing and relaxing so that they are more open to hearing the gospel. People actually seem more receptive to hearing about Jesus during this time of year so why not invite them to church and give them an opportunity to respond to the gospel???

The second version also uses humor but has more biblical teaching on Jesus the light of the world and will challenge women to shine brighter and ‘lighten up’ the places they go.

If this is something you may be interested in for your church or community group email my friend cindy@rachellovingood.com for more information and to see dates available.

If its not for you I would ask you to pray for us and specifically for “Lighten Up” that Jesus would be made famous and women would come to know Him and know Him better through it!


ps here are the graphics we are using–can’t you see this on some super cute shirts??? (available soon)

Ministry Wives Opp!

Hey all you ministry wives in the New Orleans area—I have the distinct privilege to be sharing at a wives luncheon at noon at the seminary. It is open to all wives in the area so if you want to come join us then contact nobtswomen@nobts.edu for more details. I would love to see you there–bring a friend and come see us for a good time with other wives.

Montana=Big Sky + Big God

Wow. I just got back from Montana- big shout out to all the ladies at the c’mon inn-where i had the privilege of serving with some friends from Indian Rocks Bapt Church. We went to minister to the ministry wives in the Yellowstone Association by hosting them at a retreat.

It was such a blessing to be part of this group and to get to minister to all the sweet, godly ladies who are serving our big God in Big Sky country!

Although I had the opportunity to speak to the women, God taught me a few things myself. Does that happen to you as much as me? Whenever I study and prepare to teach, I invariably find more and more lessons for me…isn’t that cool?

I think that’s one of my favorite things about leadership in ministry. If we will submerge ourselves into the Word we will always find it to be relevant to our own lives.

The big lessons for me had to do with how big God is–do I ever limit what He does by my own low expectations? and how much I love and respect women everywhere who do what I do!!!! We are all so similar and yet so unique–I love each of you and am so thankful that God brings us into each other’s lives in His timing.

What has He been teaching you lately? Are you studying to teach or so that your own life will be transformed and then you can share about your own life change? Knowing the answers to these will make all the difference:)


Thanks Indiana!!

I just got in from a ladies event in Indiana and somehow I didn’t get any pictures!!! (my daughter is not surprised at that I’m sure) BUT anyway, it was such a sweet bunch of ladies at the event last night and I was privileged to share with them, I especially loved the responses after as they came and let me know the different things God was saying to them individually.

Apparently God directed me to the same Scriptures that the pastor had preached on that morning. How fun is that?? Sooo a big shout out to the ladies, and men who served them, of Lebanon Christian Church in Indiana…May God richly bless you and use you in mighty ways as you focus on The One Thing, and be All In not Almost…..

Special thanks to the Women’s Leadership Team who invited me and spent time feeding me breakfast and talking womens’ ministry this morning. I LOVE your heart for ministry ladies!!!

Leadership Checkup

If you are a leader of a small group you may want to check out this video we made for our student ministry volunteers. Recognize that the application is focused on student ministry so the examples are directed that way but the principle is still the same. When we learn to ask the next question we will see changes in our small groups.

I firmly believe that we all are in the process of becoming the leaders that God wants us to be and if we stop to take a checkup every now and then we just might find some places where we could be doing things a little differently in order to see more life change happening.

What’s the goal of your small group??? Watch and see what you think…. (be nice, i didn’t have any professional hair and makeup:)

Because we are all in this together!!!!